Welcome to the official Clockwork Design Boutique website. I am a graphic and website designer with more than ten years of relevant work experience.


Hello, I am Jeanna Haag and I am a website & graphic designer. I create my unique work using The Adobe Creative Cloud apps. I also have proficiency in working with many e-commerce website builders including BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Magento, and 3D Cart. I’ve worked on many different websites. I have created many websites including bmp-brochures.com (through custom coding a website in Shopify), bass-mollett.com (through custom coding a website in BigCommerce), elegantebrass.com (through custom coding a website in Shopify), cremationurnfactory.com (first through Shopify and then later migrated the website over to BigCommerce), and a re-order website for products from within Bass-Mollett's memorial design software. I spend any time I can creating website layouts, characters, posters, and all kinds of graphics.

I am also very proficient in using Adobe InDesign to create layouts, Adobe Photoshop to enhance photos and create photo manipulations, Adobe Illustrator to create custom graphics, and Adobe Dreamweaver to create websites. I also use Sublime Text when hard coding. I've used HTML5 and CSS3 on all my websites to create responsive stylistic designs that meet company needs.

Check out my Resume here.

Jeanna Haag About Photo

Website Design

I began web design in high school, continued through college, and continued throughout my career. I quickly learn new standards and apply them and work to make all websites aesthetically pleasing. I am proficient in HTML5 and CSS3. Check out my website design on my portfolio page.

Graphic Design

I began working with graphics in high school and continued my education to learn the latest graphic standards. My degree from DeVry University is for Multimedia & Web Design. I've created many different designs, I also work on orders that require a lot of touchup work. I typically use Illustrator and Photoshop for these edits. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.

Photo Editing & Manipulation

Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful tool for photo editing and creating composites. I work using many of the tools in Photoshop such as the curves, levels, and other adjustment layer options. I have done many memorial portfolios that needed a lot of touch up done to them. Check out my portfolio for more information.

Print & Web Advertisements

Using the latest standards, I've worked to create many Facebook ads, print advertisements for magazines, and banner ads for websites. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.

Marketing, Branding, & Social Media

Although not my major in college, I've worked to learn the latest practices in marketing especially for social media such as Facebook. I completely re-did all of the social media pages and added many new ones for Bass-Mollett Publishers. None of the artwork was consistent and it looked like nothing even went together. I researched the best sizes for each social media facet and then rewored the artowrk I setup for Facebook to work on all of our social media accounts. Now everything matches and our brand is much stronger than before.

School Projects

Check out my projects that I completed while working on my Bachelor's degree through DeVry University.